Stretchable nanowire mesh heats your sore muscles

Don't like having to apply clunky heating pads every time you want to to deal with chronic muscle pain in your arms and legs? Eventually, you might not have to -- that therapeutic care could always be there. Korean researchers have developed a stretchable silver nanowire mesh that heats your joints no matter how you bend them. It's thin enough to fit under your clothes, runs on batteries and maintains a constant temperature, so you could wear the mesh whenever you're out instead of having to wait for prime opportunities to get relief.

There's no word on when this chainmail-like design will reach something you can buy, but there's talk of using it beyond medical purposes. You could use it to heat up a winter jacket, or provide efficient, evenly-distributed warmth in your car seat. If the technology pans out, you could feel better without having to let anyone know that you're feeling chilly or sore.