Facebook tests 'floating' videos in your News Feed

Pop-Up Video: it's not just the greatest VH1 show ever, it's also Facebook's latest feature. The social network is rolling out floating videos for desktop users that can sit anywhere in your window while you continue browsing your News Feed, just like on Tumblr. You can activate the feature by clicking on a new button at the bottom-right of video embeds, which looks like this:


First spotted by The Next Web, it seems like the feature is slowly rolling out to the majority of users. In our informal poll, four out of five people were already seeing the button in their feed. Facebook has been steadily improving its video options in an effort to muscle in on YouTube's lucrative business of placing ads on user videos. If pop-ups gets more users watching more videos for more time, that can only be a good thing when it comes to selling marketing space to potential advertisers.