Spotify tells iOS users how to avoid iTunes charges and pay less

Spotify isn't happy that its iOS customers have to pay an additional $3 for a premium subscription if they make the purchase through the App Store. That's why it's planning to send them instructions on how to apply for a subscription straight from the company's website. The Verge got its hands on a copy of the letter, wherein Spotify made clear that "the normal Premium price is only $9.99, but Apple charges 30 percent on all payments made through iTunes." That ups the total to $12.99, which is only $2 away from Apple Music's six-person family plan. That email, if you haven't gotten it yet, contains links that make it easy to cancel Spotify's auto-renew on iTunes and redirect you to the service's website. You'll have to wait until your current month ends before you can re-subscribe, but after you do, you can enjoy the same service without Apple's added fee.

As Bloomberg notes, Apple doesn't allow links within apps that allow people to make purchases from external websites. That's likely what prompted the streaming service to decide on sending an email blast instead of adding a PSA inside the app. The publication also points out that Apple only adds $$$ on top of goods or services if it doesn't have a competing product. For instance, you apparently don't have to pay extra if you buy a plane ticket through United Airlines' iPhone app. Since Cupertino's new Music streaming service has a lot of competitors in addition to Spotify, it's facing antitrust investigations in a couple of states.

[Image credit: AFP/Getty Images]