Google and BlackBerry team up for a secure enterprise Android

BlackBerry and Google are having a total peanut butter and chocolate moment here. The two companies have just announced that they're teaming up to create a more enterprise-ready version of the Android OS. The deal will see the heightened security features of BES12, BlackBerry's enterprise device deployment service, integrated into Android's 5.0 Lolipop build and Google Play for Work.

This is a big win for both sides. Google gets a boost to its security ecosystem (not to mention access to a huge new swath of enterprise customers) and BlackBerry gets an Android-based tourniquet to tie off its cash hemorrhage. But enterprise users are the biggest winners of all. They'll essentially get the same level of security that made BlackBerry the smartphone of choice for world leaders with the massive app library and ubiquitous functionality of the Android OS. What's more, this lends additional credibility to rumors that we may soon see an Android-driven BlackBerry device.

[Image Credit: Chris Radburn/PA WIRE]