Pornhub built a $1,000 twerking, robot butt

If there's one website that knows how to combine technology and savvy public relations stunts, it's Pornhub. The company behind the WankBand is gearing up to launch another piece of hardware in the form of TwerkingButt, an adult toy that promises to set a "new benchmark in sexual stimulation." Which is a ten-dollar way of saying that it's a robotic butt that vibrates when it's plugged in. Thanks to CyberSkin technology, the unit will even warm itself to a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit to match that of a human body.

Once you've sat down and the doors are locked, you can pull out your smartphone and use it as a remote control for the device. There's plenty of things for you to tweak, too, including the massage speed, vibration and even the twerking rhythm if you opt for the more expensive edition of the device. In addition, the deluxe version comes with a VR headset, although the company isn't talking specifics about what content will work with your new toy, or how. What we do know is that it took Pornhub and Topco, its manufacturing partner, four years from start to finish to refine the technology for human use. If that's enough motivation for you to try one, then you can pre-order the regular model for $699 or, if you want the additional features, the deluxe box with "twerking technology" for $999.

Oh, and the answer to the question that you're all desperate to ask is: Yes, there is an anal cavity for you to insert yourself inside. We just couldn't think of a clear enough euphemism to just casually slip that in.