OPM director steps down after hacks affected more than 20 million

In the last year the federal government's Office of Personnel Management has been hit by at least two separate attacks by hackers. The first one that came to light affected the info on some four million people, while another has apparently seen sensitive background check info on more than 20 million people fall into the wrong hands. While OPM director Katherine Archuleta pledged yesterday to stay on and lead efforts to secure the department's systems, today ABC News and The Hill report Archuleta handed in her resignation to President Obama.

There were calls for the director's resignation yesterday from both Republicans and Democrats, mostly focusing on Archuleta's lack of tech or security experience, as well as the department's slow response to the breaches. Katherine Archuleta was the 10th OPM director, while The Hill mentions Beth Cobert, the current deputy director for management, will take over as acting director.

Anyone who has been a federal government employee or contractor, had a background check by the government (even if you weren't hired), is a member of the military or a veteran, or the spouse, co-habitant or minor child of any of those could be affected -- check out the OPM website for more information.

[Image credit: Getty Images]