NASA probe phones home from beyond Pluto (update)

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Mariella Moon
July 15th, 2015
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NASA probe phones home from beyond Pluto (update)

New Horizons has already sent back one of the clearest, closest photos of Pluto ever, but it has more in store for NASA and all space lovers. The agency is waiting to hear back from the probe by around 9PM today: it's slated to beam back a series of status updates that will let NASA know if it's in good health after the flyby, along with even more data and images. We'll update this post ater the Pluto team releases more info, but you can watch NASA's webcast to see the call happen live.

Update: The Pluto team has received confirmation that New Horizons has survived the flyby and is in good health! NASA will resume its webcast at 9:30PM -- we've embedded the video stream below the fold. More details to follow.

[Image credit: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute]

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