Reddit to host AMA about its policy on offensive posts

Reddit has been a bit of a mess lately. With the firing of a popular employee Victoria Taylor, unpaid moderators shutting down subreddits, and interim CEO Ellen Pao "leaving" and being replaced by co-founder Steve Huffman, it's not exactly business as usual at the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet." Now the company is trying to figure out how to deal with some of the more horrible portions of the site with an AMA set for July 16th at 4PM ET. In the announcement about the upcoming event co-founder Steve Huffman talked about some of the more loathsome portions of the site, "there is also a dark side, communities whose purpose is reprehensible, and we don't have any obligation to support them. And we also believe that some communities currently on the platform should not be here at all." Considering how touchy the community can be when faced with changes, this should be interesting.