Google will finally add iPhone-like visual voicemail to Android

Android users on select networks will soon get native "visual voicemail," a feature that iPhone users have enjoyed since forever. In case you're wondering, that's a way of checking and deleting voice mails via an app, rather than having to call a carrier number and go through them one by one. The feature was spied by Android Police on a support ticket for the upcoming Android M release and via Google+ user Danny Hollis. Hollis showed a screen cap of the new interface (below), and said it's now implemented for T-Mobile in a preview build.

The only problem with the new feature is that it won't work unless carriers support it, and for now, the only two that do are T-Mobile and Orange in France. Hollis also mentioned that "voicemail will not load on WiFi. Only on mobile data," so you won't get the service unless you have a cell signal. The support ticket revealed native voicemail-to-text transcriptions as well, but it'll reportedly require carrier support, and none are doing so for now. That said, the app is still in a basic state, and features like transcription may be available when Android M arrives in the fall.