Gear VR just got the best game about disarming bombs you'll ever play

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. It sounds like a threat, but it's really the title of (and the instructions for) one of the best dang cooperative video games I've ever played. It's a virtual reality thriller: two players must work together to defuse a bomb--one wears a VR headset and handles the explosive, the other rifles through a convoluted manual in search of defusal instructions. Neither player can see what the other sees. It's intense, hilarious and completely unique in every way--and now it's available for Gear VR.

The game hits the Gear VR store today for $9.99, but folks who wandered the GDC 2015 showfloor back in March might have seen it at Alt.Ctrl.GDC's alternative gaming arcade -- a unique showcase of games that defy traditional controller and gameplay conventions. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes embodies the spirit the gallery perfectly: not only does it simulate the absurdity of the b-movie over-the-phone bomb disarming scene (cut the red wire! No! The green wire!), but it also redefines cooperative gameplay and leverages the inherent isolation of virtual reality gaming to create a new type of video game.

Now you can plan it at home -- and if you have a Gear VR and a friend (you don't need a gamepad, while it will work with one, it's been adjusted to use the Gear VR's built-in touchpad too), you really should. Check out the game's official launch announcement at the source link below.