Cortana for Android leaks out a bit early

Cortana is here for Android ... sort of. Microsoft announced back in May that it would be bringing Cortana to Android, and it was expected to land this month to coincide with the release of Windows 10. But now it looks like an Android beta release of Microsoft's digital assistant has hit the web early, reports the Finnish mobile site Suomimobiili. We've installed the app on an HTC One M9 and it works just like you'd expect. You can ask Cortana about the weather or basic facts; have her call someone on your contact list; or set reminders. Unfortunately, you can't say "Hey Cortana" to get her attention yet -- even when you've got the app open. We don't expect this leaked Cortana copy to stick around for much longer, but it's a good sign that Microsoft is indeed getting close to an official release.