Cortana in Windows 10 is coming to 6 more countries

Cortana in Windows 10

If you're bummed that you won't get Microsoft's Cortana voice assistant when Windows 10 launches next week, don't fret: there's a good chance that you're next in line. The folks in Redmond have revealed that Cortana will be available to Windows Insider members in Australia, Canada (English only), India (also English) and Japan in the "coming months." It'll also spread to Brazil, Mexico and French-speaking Canadians later in the year.

Why the delay, you ask? Microsoft says it's a matter of tailoring Cortana to local tastes. It'll be a big fan of hockey in Canada, for instance, while Indian users will hear jokes about naan bread. The wait won't be so hot if you're only interested in asking about the weather, but you'll at least get a properly customized experience.