Starbucks app to serve up free New York Times articles

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Starbucks app to serve up free New York Times articles

It's clear that Starbucks aims to pull in media companies for its Rewards program: after teaming up with Spotify earlier this year, the coffeehouse chain is now partnering with The New York Times. You can already get access to 15 free articles from NYT on Starbucks' app, but this deal expands their partnership further. Starting in 2016, you'll get access to the top news of the day, daily/weekend briefings and even more timely articles "addressing key social, political and economic issues" for free.

As you might know, though, Starbucks' rewards program awards "Stars" you can use to redeem food and beverage when you purchase from its partners through its app. Just like you can get Stars for subscribing to Spotify Premium through the coffeehouse's app, you can also earn some for subscribing to the print and/or digital versions of the newspaper. You've got to wonder which media company's next on Starbucks' list -- Netflix? Hulu? Another type of company altogether?

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