Sony is testing a 'stripped back' version of Android

If you've ever wished that Sony would ditch its custom Android interface in favor of Google's 'pure' experience... well, you'll want to book an impromptu Scandinavian vacation. Sony is launching a 500-person Swedish trial of Concept for Android, a "stripped back" take on Android 5.1 for the Xperia Z3 that looks and feels like the stock Google interface while including Sony's more popular apps and features. If you're fortunate to be part of this test run, you'll both improve the software itself and shape Sony's overall strategy -- it's moving toward development based on "real user input" that will hopefully lead to more meaningful upgrades. And don't despair if you don't get in right now. The company is promising trials for more areas and more devices if this catches on, so you may still get a sneak peek at Sony's Android plans.