A PS4 mouse and keyboard, just in time for 'Black Ops 3'

If you're an FPS fan, this might be the perfect controller for you. Hori's Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a keyboard and mouse setup for PS4 that attempts to mimic a PC control system. The means the DualShock 4's left analog is mapped to a WASD-style configuration, while the right analog is controlled by a mouse. The rest of the DualShock's buttons and triggers are mapped to the appropriate spots, and there are a couple of additional functions like programmable buttons, a "snipe mode" that changes mouse sensitivity and a walk button for, we assume, walking rather than running.

The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is, as the name suggests, the sequel to the equally rad Tactical Assault Commander 3. Any accessory lives and dies on its quality, and although reviewers praised the basic idea, the consensus was that mapping an analog to a mouse just didn't work particularly well last time around. Hopefully the manufacturer has used the four years since the release of the last model to perfect its idea. It'll launch this October, just before FPS season starts in earnest. British and Japanese retailers are listing it for pre-order at around $120-$130 converted, so we'd expect it to cost something similar when it's released in the US.