Samsung's latest monitors wirelessly charge your phone

It's not coated in gold, but Samsung's newest screen -- a monitor this time -- packs wireless charging for mobile phones and other Qi-compatible gadgets. (Yes, functionality you'd actually want in your office monitor... if you have a wirelessly charging phone.) The full-HD 24-inch S24E370DL and 27-inch S27E370DS displays come with AMD's anti-flicker gaming tech as well as 178-degree viewing angles. Samsung's not offered a date or country for release, but we'd expect it to appear (somewhere!) by the end of the year. Expect a steady trickle of new products from the company: it's gearing up for Europe's biggest electronics show, IFA, which kicks off in September. Samsung fridges! Washing machines! Conceptual laptops! And possibly a new Galaxy smartphone. If you're good.