Amazon's Dash Buttons bring one-push ordering to all Prime members

If you're like me, you probably thought Amazon's Dash Button was an April Fool's joke that arrived a day early. Well, we found out rather quickly that the online retailer was serious about the device and invited select Prime members to give them a shot. If you were left out of the initial push, the one-touch order buttons are now available for anyone with a Prime membership for $5 each. Right now, there are 18 total Dash buttons to choose from that will handle orders of items like laundry detergent, paper towels, food and more with ease.

With an adhesive backing, the idea is to place the Dash Button close to where you're likely to run out of an item for easy access. In the case of the Tide button above, you'd stick it on your washing machine. The diminutive devices connect to your home WiFi network through the Amazon mobile app where you can select the size/quantity info. You'll also receive an order alert on your phone, so you can cancel the order if needed. You know, in case someone happens to press it one too many times.