Xbox One will eventually stream your PC games

Xbox One streaming on Windows 10 is nice and all, but how about getting the power of your PC on the console? Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed to the Verge that Microsoft is working on Windows 10 streaming to the Xbox One. He already hinted that such a feature would happen after tweeting that Microsoft would support mice on the Xbox One. He said that "it's actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to Xbox," since PC hardware varies widely from user to user, unlike the Xbox One. He added, however, that "challenge is good."

Spencer emphasized that Windows 10 features are an "incredibly strong" part of the Xbox One's roadmap, and that "(gamers) want to play with their friends... on the device they want to play on." He said getting a mouse and keyboard working on the Xbox One is a prerequisite, but it looks like that'll happen soon. There's no timeline on PC to Xbox One streaming, however -- so I wouldn't make any definitive plans until Microsoft officially launches the feature.