Back to School Guide 2015: Picks under $50

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Back to School Guide 2015: Picks under $50

It's that dreaded time of year when lazy summer days with their open invitation to sandals, surf and shirtlessness begin to give way to the crispness of fall, hoodies and the back-to-school doldrums. Ah, but there's hope on the horizon: You can always buy things to forget the scheduled machinery of life. And, oh, have we got some selections for you -- no matter your budget.

First up, our picks for the most cost-conscious of the back-to-school set.

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  • 'Minecraft: Pocket Edition'
  • DKnight Magicbox II
  • Amazon Fire TV stick
  • Anker Second-Gen Astro Mini
  • Google Chromecast
  • 'Cards Against Humanity'
  • Krups Electric Coffee Grinder
  • Cocoon Central Park Sport backpack
  • Holga 120N camera
  • SanDisk CZ48 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Memory Drive
  • Dube XS vape pen
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