Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 specs leak: 35 percent faster than 810

The cat appears to be out of the bag for Qualcomm's next major mobile chip, the Snapdragon 820. Analyst Pan Jiutang posted some slides on Weibo detailing pretty much all of the important information about the new processor, ahead of Qualcomm's expected launch later this month. First, the big stuff: The 820's newer Hydra CPU is apparently 35 percent faster than the 810, Qualcomm's current high-end processor, and its Adreno 530 graphics processor is 40 percent faster while also being 30 percent more power efficient. Additionally, the chip's 14 nanometer manufacturing process should also make it more efficient than the 20nm 810. The 820s' improvements are all fairly standard, and quite honestly most people won't even see the performance differences with its predecessors. But it should open the door for even more complex games on smartphones and tablets, as well as more apps that might need more horsepower than today's chips.

[Photo: Eric Reed/Invision for Qualcomm]