3D printed circular saw is smaller than a thumbnail

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Mariella Moon
August 5th, 2015
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3D printed circular saw is smaller than a thumbnail

What is this? A saw for -- bah, we'll spare you that joke. You probably knew it was coming the moment you spotted the image above, because yes, that's a teeny tiny circular saw that actually works. It was created by New Zealand native Lance Abernethy, who also made a minuscule power drill earlier this year. Abernethy designed each of the saw's parts himself and printed them out using PLA plastic through an Ultimaker 2 3D printer. The scaled-down tool is powered by a hearing aid battery and roars to life when you click the button on its handle, but it can't actually cut through anything.

Abernethy told 3Dprint that he wants to make a version that can cut tiny pieces of wood in the future, along with other power tools you'd usually see in a set. He also plans to make his designs available for purchase, in case you'd like print out some for fun... or to make your own Maintenance Man Ken.

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