Nicki Minaj and Jason Statham are getting their own mobile games

Hip-hop fans have had a lot to deal with lately: Dr. Dre shelved Detox, there's that whole Meek Mill and Drake feud that's spilling out all over Twitter and Run the Jewels might not be hitting your town on this fall's tour. There's a bright spot, though: Nicki Minaj is getting her own game courtesy of the folks behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Glu Mobile announced that Minaj has lent her likeness, voice and creative directorship exclusively to the company for a game expected to launch next summer. Also joining the lady who kissed a girl and liked it is The Transporter himself, Jason Statham.

Sniper X: Kill Confirmed launches sometime this fall and promises the same vague features as Glu's other in-development games thus far: name, likeness and a celebrity voice. But at least we know that it's a first-person shooter. If you'd rather not wait to see if it's just garbage littered with microtransactions designed to bleed your bank account dry, maybe give the excellent Hitman: Sniper from Eidos a run instead.

[Image credit: Getty Images for BET]