This is how you'll customize the Xbox One 'Elite' controller

We got up close and personal with the Xbox One's incredibly expensive Elite controller at E3, but how do all those modular bits and bobs work? A new video from Microsoft out of Gamescom sheds some light on just that. The Elite's customization goes much deeper than just swapping out different lengths of thumbsticks: you can adjust trigger deadzone, download custom button-binding profiles for certain games, tweak haptic feedback intensity on a motor-by-motor basis and even completely remap button functions. Long story short: if standard gamepads regularly fall short for your high-level needs, this is the paddle for you.

The key to all this is an app that grants the aforementioned customizations, and a Redmond spokesperson breaks it al down in nitty-gritty detail around the 30 minutes mark in the video below. If this is enough to prep your bank account for a sudden $150 departure, let us know in the comments.

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