Bloomberg: Apple TV service is not coming in 2015

In keeping with the requirement of a new Apple TV rumor every few weeks, Bloomberg says the yet-to-be-announced subscription package will not debut until at least 2016. Its sources echo the Buzzfeed's recent claim that a new Apple TV box will be unveiled this fall, however difficulty negotiating deals with content providers and building up a network capable of delivering that much video is delaying the rollout of a video service. Another problem cited is finding "the right mix" of channels to sell for about $40 per month, an issue also faced by competition like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. Sling TV has also faced a few outages, demonstrating the difficulty of maintaining a network to reliable handle the bandwidth requirements of so much live and on-demand video. There's no mention of the possibility of an app store or gaming in this report, so we'll pencil those in for the next leak from anonymous sources in a few weeks.

[Image credit: Paul Sakuma/Associated Press]