Apple is upgrading the Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

To put it mildly, Apple's input device roster hasn't changed much in recent years. The Magic Mouse hasn't really been touched since 2009, and the Wireless Keyboard is even older than that. The Cupertino crew must be ready to shake things up, though: regulatory filings for both a Magic Mouse 2 and an updated Wireless Keyboard have shown up at the FCC. It's not certain how the external designs will change (there's no peek at the top of either model), but they're definitely going to get an internal upgrade. The peripherals are jumping from Bluetooth 2.0 to the more efficient Bluetooth 4.2 standard, and it looks like they may ditch AA batteries for built-in lithium-ion packs -- you might not have to swap batteries ever again. While there aren't any clues as to when Apple will deliver either the mouse or the keyboard, we won't be shocked if the two show up alongside new Macs sometime later this year.

Apple's 2015 Wireless Keyboard at the FCC