Live from the Intel Developer Forum 2015 keynote!

It's time once again for Intel's turn at the spotlight. Today is the first day of Intel's Developer Forum 2015, and if CEO Brian Krzanich's blog post is any indication, we actually have a pretty good chance to hear about some interesting news beyond the usual microprocessors at the show. He called out the increasing emphasis on immersion in computing, touting the ability for computers to now see (perhaps in reference to its RealSense tech) and hear us better than ever before. He also mentioned the interconnectedness of everyday devices (IoT anyone?) and the rise of wearables, so we'll likely hear more news about those two topics too. Plus apparently there'll be a "live BMX demo" at today's keynote. To find out about what exactly all this is about, come back here at 12 p.m. ET for our liveblog of the opening event!