Misfit teams up with Speedo on a fitness tracker for swimmers

Misfit's Shine activity tracker has been around for a while now, but today the company is giving the wearable new duties. The company has teamed up with Speedo for a new Shine gadget that logs the details for your workout in the water. The duo says that this is "the first device of its kind with swimmers in mind," packing in lap-counting algorithms to tally stats for all stroke types. Keeping its aluminum exterior, the waterproof Speedo Shine sports a lighter shade of silver but it'll still beam all of your lap and distance details to Misfit's Android and iOS software. In the near future, it'll also play nice with the Speedo Fit swim-tracking app. And yes, this Shine still keeps tabs on the rest of your activity and sleep patterns with a watch battery that's said to last six months.

If you're unsure about the tech, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin gave the device her seal of approval. "One of the most difficult parts of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps and the Speedo Shine eliminates that challenge," Franklin says. If you're looking to track your laps in the pool, the new $80/£60 Shine goes on sale September 1st from both Misfit and Speedo as well as inside your local Apple Store.