Chrome add-on helps you watch Netflix with friends


If you've ever wanted to watch Netflix with someone not in the same room as you, here's your chance. Thanks to a new Chrome extension called Showgoers, people can now share a viewing experience from afar by linking their Netflix accounts. It works fairly simple: once the users' info is entered, you click the Showgoers button and it sends an invite to whoever you want to watch a movie or TV show with in real-time. The person on the other end then receives a URL, clicks and, in a matter of seconds, the synced programming will begin automatically -- you can play, pause or start something else anytime. Keep in mind that Showgoers is a public beta, so you may encounter some hiccups along the way. Still, the developer says "it generally works great."

According to Showgoers, you must follow these steps for the extension to work smoothly:

  • Be signed into their Netflix account before opening the invite URL.

  • Have installed the Showgoers Chrome extension.

  • Open the invite URL in Chrome.

[image credits: AFP/Getty Images]