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Xbox One to Windows 10 game streaming is about to look a lot better

Remember that "very high" streaming video setting Reddit users found hiding in the Windows 10 Xbox app? It's available to all users right now. Today Microsoft announced that the app's August update would enable game streaming from Xbox One consoles to Windows 10 PCs in 1080p and 60 frames per second. Nice.

Starting today, users with strong home networks can activate "very high" quality streaming under the 'game streaming' section of the app's 'settings' menu. The update crams in a bunch of other handy features too, including the ability to right-click users on your friends list to send them a message, new notification preferences, the ability to compare achievements, a new grid view for the My Games section and the ability to add PC games to your game list via a drop down menu. Check out the full list of changes at the source link below.