The stuff-finding Tile now helps you find your phone

Placing a location-tracking Tile on your stuff has become a good way to keep you from pulling up all the couch cushions in your house when you misplace your car keys. Today, Tile has introduced a new white Bluetooth-enabled white square that'll keep helping you find your stuff, but also your phone with the Tile app. With the updated app and Tile if happen to lose your phone, you can double-press the "e" on the Tile and if the app is running in the background, the phone will start playing a little tune. The app can also be used to locate another phone. So when someone loses an iPhone, their Android-owning friends can help out instead of just shrugging because they can't load Find My iPhone.

In addition to finding lost phones, the new Tile is also three times louder than the previous version so it's easier to find lost items that are at the bottom of a bag or under those pesky key-eating couch cushions. The company also has a new site to help folks find their lost items so they're no longer dependent on an app. Perfect for when you lose your Tile and your phone.

This is in addition to the Lost Mode that's available for both versions of Tile that gets every phone out there with the app to start looking for a missing item and ping the owner if it's nearby.