Android Wear update makes watch faces come to life

Google fans already rocking Android Wear will get an update this week that enables interactive watch faces. You can tap them to show more information or launch an app. The three watch faces released today include "Bits", which keeps the time display in the center, with circles around it displaying different things, like unread emails, upcoming meetings and the weather. The "Under Armour" face, meanwhile, adds fitness stats, allowing you to tap to see your step count, calories burned or distance. Lastly, the "Together" face turns the entire watch face into a display to share doodles, emoji, activities or photos with a loved one (yep, kind of like on the Apple Watch, it sounds like). Additionally, Google Translate is now accessible via a few swipes. You can download the Bits or Under Armour faces from the Play store now, or follow these instructions to install Together.