Comcast releases its livestreaming app to all subscribers

Comcast says its livestreaming app did very well during its limited release, so the company's now making it available to all Xfinity customers. The app, called Xfinity Share, gives you a way to broadcast video streams, photos and even previously recorded videos not just on your own TVs, but on other subscribers' TVs. It also lets you share from mobile to mobile, though, if that's more convenient. Xfinity Share used to be exclusive to Triple Play package customers, but now it can be accessed by every voice, video, home and internet subscriber. However, the recipient still needs to have an X1 DVR-ready set-top box to see what you're trying to send them on a bigger screen.

Say, you want to livestream your kids' next game to their grandparents' TV: just grab the app from iTunes or Google Play, then follow these instructions:

To stream to the TV, users just need to follow these simple steps: open the Xfinity Share app, select "Stream Live," select "Stream to other contacts," enter the home phone number or email address for the person you want to see the video, and click "Stream." A notification will pop up on that person's TV, and all that person needs to do to watch the live streaming is click the "Info" button on the X1 TV remote.