10 people will get to play a 24-screen game of Minesweeper

I'm not quite keen on playing a massive game of Minesweeper when a tiny one is enough to make me go nuclear. But hey, if you've always dreamt of playing it on 24 high-definition displays, you can send in an application to participate in the Minesweeper Super Challenge by a company called Cinemassive. To celebrate Minesweeper's 30th anniversary, Cinemassive is having 10 people compete on a gargantuan screen. Because, obviously, nothing quite celebrates pushing gamers everywhere to the edge for 30 years than having to clear 38,799 mines. The project page says you'll be able to play "from the comfort of your home," so we're assuming you'd be able to control the company's setup remotely if you're chosen. Before you apply, note that you get three tries before you're out, and you only have 12 hours to beat the game. I'd definitely understand, though, if you ragequit somewhere in the middle.