Citymapper travel app tells you the best place to get on the train

While Apple and Google are incorporating more public transport data into their operating systems, standalone apps like Citymapper continue to lead the way in terms of features. Already in 28 cities, the travel app combines bus routes and live times, train timetables and cycle paths, but from today it'll also help you navigate your way around an unfamiliar metropolis with its new "Where to Get On the Train" feature.

Now, when you embark on a journey using Citymapper's Go mode, the app will tell you where best to get on a train in order to be close to the exit (or a connecting platform) when you get off. It's especially useful during the rush hour crush, but also for those who might not understand signage in foreign cities. While it may make for a more pleasant hop between trains or shave a few extra minutes off your commute, Citymapper can't yet tell you how busy those particular carriages might be (especially if everyone else is heeding the app's advice).


[Image credit: Tim Adams, Flickr]