Amazon's one-hour delivery service arrives in Seattle (updated)

You'd think that Amazon would have been quick to offer its super-fast Prime Now delivery service in its home territory of Seattle, but nope -- it's just getting around to correcting that seeming oversight. The company has confirmed part of a recent scoop by launching Prime Now in both Seattle as well as nearby locales like Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond (hi, Microsoft!). As before, how much you spend depends on just how urgently you need your order. It's free (outside of your Prime subscription, of course) if you can afford to wait up to two hours, while one-hour shipping will cost you $8. The expansion still leaves much of the US without Prime Now, but this is still a big step toward covering America's larger urban hubs.

Update: It's important to note that this also marks Amazon's return to delivering alcohol -- you can get wine and other tipsy drinks through Prime Now.