State Dept. releases more Hillary Clinton emails, around 150 classified

As the saga over Hillary Clinton's emails from her time as Secretary of State continues, the State Department tonight released the largest bundle of recovered messages yet. Amounting to some 7,000 pages, officials told Reuters they include some 150 emails marked as classified, which have had passages redacted. The Clinton campaign continues to maintain that her use of a private email server was not a problem, and that messages were classified later, not at the time they were originally sent. So what's in the database? You can search it yourself, to find tidbits including Clinton asking for the broadcast times of Parks & Recreation and The Good Wife and an entirely odd one marked "Gefilte Fish." In another, she asks adviser Huma Abedin to teach her how to use a new iPad when it arrived in June 2010. Riveting stuff.

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[Image credit: Jim Mone/Associated Press]