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This is Google's new logo

This is Google's new logo
Nathan Ingraham
Nathan Ingraham|September 1, 2015 11:54 AM

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Beyond the new wordmark, Google's also doing away with the somewhat iconic blue and white "G" logo and replacing it with a new, four color version to match the four colors the company is so closely associated with. The four colors will also be used in the "microphone" that shows up in the many places where Google's voice search is enabled. There's a lot of updating to be done before this branding is seen across the many places where you can interact with Google, of course, but this new branding will likely spread far and wide before long.

In a YouTube video introducing the new logo, Google starts off with a tour of its previous designs; this is hardly the first big change Google has made, but this is undoubtably one of the biggest in years. Google's been flattening out the logo for a long time, but the font persisted. Now, it's truly a new era.

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For design enthusiasts who want to dig deep into the process behind how Google created its new logo, the company has posted extensive details on its design blog.

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This is Google's new logo