Barclays helps put contactless payments in a £150 jacket

Want a stylish way to make contactless payments in the UK, but can't afford an Apple Watch? Scottish knitwear brand Lyle & Scott has developed a jacket with Barclays' bPay technology in the cuff. For £150, you'll get a snazzy coat and the ability to make payments (now up to £30) by waving your hand over supported readers. Barclays has been pushing mobile payments for some time, but its latest hardware isn't particularly fashionable. There's a sticker you can slap on your phone, a key fob or a black wristband that offers only one of the benefits associated with fully featured wearables. With Lyle & Scott's "Contactless Jacket," however, the chip is always out of sight -- the downside being, of course, that you always have to wear it to make a payment. If you're smitten with the idea of garment-based payments, but don't like Lyle & Scott's sense of fashion, you could always sew a bPay sticker into your existing outwear. Sure beats shelling out £150 for a new jacket..

[Image Credit: Lyle & Scott]