Sony makes a pun out of some pretty Hi-Res Audio headphones

It seems like with every new phone, Sony has a new accessory to plug. Presenting the pun-ful "H.ear On" headphones. They're over-ear cans that are supposedly at their best when playing back Sony's Hi-Res Audio. Of course, they'll need to be paired with a compatible device -- like one of its new Xperia Z5 family. For the audiophiles: The H.ear On are closed-back headphones with fairly low impedance (24 Ohm) 40mm drivers, 5Hz - 60,000Hz frequency response and 103dB/mW sensitivity. For the rest of you: pretty colors! They'll cost $200 this November and come in an "exciting array of colors" including Bordeaux pink, cinnabar red and (our favorite) lime yellow.

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