Wacom's Bamboo Spark offers another option for digitizing scribbles

Do you still prefer the feel of pen on paper but need an easy way to catalog your handwritten notes digitally? Wacom's Bamboo Spark will do just what. The product is something the company calls a "smart folio" that uses its digital pen technology to capture the scribbles of a real ink pen on A5 paper (5.83 x 8.27 inches). How does it work exactly? With the help of the Bamboo Spark app on an Android or iOS device, the folio's Electro-Magnetic Resonance board and Bluetooth beam your pen strokes to that trusty mobile device at the push of a button. The Spark can hold up to 100 pages, even while it's in offline mode, and claims up to 8 hours of use before needing to recharge via USB.

As you might expect, the included pen uses special ink that you'll need to re-order from Wacom when the time comes (after about three months of use) for $10 per pack of three. If you're looking to make the leap, the Bamboo Spark comes three ways: with a gadget pocket (for a phone, etc.), tablet sleeve, or snap-fit that's made just fot the iPad Air 2. All three models include the requisite pen and paper for $160 and are set to ship in October.