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Google expands health conditions feature to over 900 illnesses

Google's health conditions feature is about making it easier to find information about an illness. So, when there's a local outbreak, or you get early symptoms, you can be better prepared. Mountain View has doubled the number of diseases in its database, bringing the number up to over 900 -- including neglected tropical diseases and infections that typically affect people in developing nations. If you do a query for any of those illnesses on either mobile or desktop, you'll see a quick results panel, which contains info on its symptoms, treatments and prevalence.

You can even download the panel as a PDF file that you can print -- apparently, that's the most requested feature among the doctors Google worked with to ensure each condition's accuracy. Unfortunately, the feature remains accessible only via Google US (that's, or the one without a country-specific domain), but the company promises to make it available in more languages in the future.