LG is making a phone with a secondary ticker display

Every now and then, smartphone makers try building devices with secondary, ticker-like displays in the hopes of reeling you in with more at-a-glance info -- witness Samsung's Continuum or Galaxy Note Edge. And it's LG's turn, apparently. China's TENAA regulator just recently tested the V10, a phone with a ticker display at the top. Notice how the front camera has been moved to the side in the photo you see above? It's not clear exactly how this would work, but you'd likely have a way to activate that ticker without turning on the main screen.

The Chinese filing (which has since vanished) didn't say much about the specs, but well-known leaker Evan Blass claims that the V10 is even more powerful than the G4. It'll reportedly have a larger 5.7-inch Quad HD screen and 64GB of expandable storage on top of the G4's processor, RAM and cameras. If he's accurate, you might not have to wait long to give this handset a shot -- it could ship as soon as October.