John McAfee is running for president in 2016

Oddball anti-virus software pioneer and self-described "eccentric millionaire" Joh McAfee is throwing his hat into the increasingly crowded field of candidates for the 2016 presidential election. The Hill reports that McAfee filed paperwork to run for president with the Federal Election Commission today and says that campaign director Kyle Sandler confirmed the application's authenticity. Shortly afterwards, McAfee himself launched what appears to be a new campaign website and said on Twitter that he'd make an "official announcement" tomorrow at 6PM ET.

There's very little info on the site right now, but the URL ( and #mcafee16 hashtag all make it clear that a presidential run is what this is all about. McAfee's Twitter account has also been retweeting tweets about his potential presidential run -- either this is one big troll or McAfee really is going to give this a shot.

Wired today published an interview with McAfee in which he said he was still not quite decided on whether or not to run, but it does give context to what McAfee feels needs to change in the US government. "It's clear that the leadership of our country is illiterate on the fundamental technology that supports everything in life for us now, that is cyber science, our smartphones, our military hardware, our communications," McAfee said to Wired.

It sounds like McAfee will not be competing against Hilary Clinton or the cadre of candidates vying for the Republican party nomination -- instead, he's going to found his own party that The Hill says is yet to be announced. History shows that McAfee won't have much luck going as a third-party candidate, but he'll likely bring a... unique perspective to the battle.