Mini review video: Our verdict on the Moto X Pure in under a minute

Mini Review: Moto X Pure Edition

Thanks to upstarts like OnePlus, Motorola has more competition in the "cheap but good" phone category than it used to. That said, the company's third-generation flagship, the Moto X Pure, ushers in enough improvements that it continues to be our favorite handset in the $400-or-so price range. As ever, we love the Moto X's customizable design, useful software tricks and the fact that it runs on every US carrier. This time, however, Motorola made some major enhancements to the camera, which has never been the company's strong suit. Yes, the 21-megapixel sensor still struggles a bit in low light, and maybe that's something Moto will address in next year's version. Even as is, though, the camera is much better than it used to be. Other than that, our main gripes are that the performance and battery life fall slightly short of other flagships, but that's not saying much, especially since some of the rival devices we compared it to cost significantly more off-contract. That, in under 200 words, is the gist of our review, and if you have less than 60 seconds, you can see the device in action in the video above.