The new 'Guitar Hero,' 'Crossy Road' multiplayer head to Apple TV

The latest version of Apple TV offers a bunch of new apps and Siri functionalities -- and it also has games. Today during its 2015 iPhone event, Apple showed off some new gaming experiences, including Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity 3.0, Shadowmatic, Crossy Road and the new Guitar Hero Live. Hipster Whale, the developer behind Crossy Road, took the stage to show how the game works in the living room, using the Siri Remote's new touchpad function to control the crossing character. Crossy Road is also getting a multiplayer mode on Apple TV, where players can join in with an iPhone or iPod Touch as a controller. Additionally, Apple TV will support third-party, MFi-based gamepads.

The Siri Remote has both touchpad and motion-sensing capabilities. Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band, jumped onstage to show off Beat Sports, a new rhythm-based game exclusive to Apple TV. With the latest version of Apple TV, players can start any game on the iPad, for example, and continue playing it on the big screen.

These games and experiences will be available on Apple TV when it launches in October.

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