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Range Rover's Sentinel SUV can survive virtually any attack

It's not uncommon for dignitaries and the super-wealthy to get armored vehicles, but Land Rover's new Range Rover Sentinel may be the protected luxury ride of choice -- especially if you're traveling through a warzone. The hand-built SUV looks exactly like the Autobiography it's based on, but has a slew of hidden upgrades that make it impervious to all but the heaviest attacks. On top of expected upgrades like bulletproof glass (it can handle armor-piercing rounds), the Sentinel has a high-strength steel passenger cell that protects against explosions from 33lbs of TNT from the side, and grenades on the floor or roof. That doesn't make it completely impervious, but it would take some deep, deep trouble to put your life at risk.

There are legions of technology upgrades to help you escape attacks, too. This SUV has run-flat tires, a self-sealing fuel tank, a backup battery and a tamper-proof exhaust. You'll even find an escape system behind the back seats when the doors just aren't an option. The Sentinel makes virtually any other Land Rover or Range Rover seem cheap with an equivalent price of $445,410 (£289,941). If you're the sort of person who really does have to worry about making it from A to B in one piece, though, you can probably justify the expense.