Apple helps you prep to pre-order a new iPhone

Anxious to get your hands on one of those shiny new iPhones? You're not alone. And while you may be waiting a few days to have one in hand, pre-orders open up this weekend. To help prep for the rush, the company is allowing eager US customers to enter some personal info ahead of the pre-order window opening, so when the time comes, all you'll have to do is select your carrier, model and storage options before hitting submit. Entering your details will also tell you how much you'll be parting with to secure the phone you're after. Of course, Apple also has a new carrier-free upgrade plan that gets you a new iPhone every time a new one becomes available after 12 monthly payments. That option starts at $32 for the 16GB iPhone 6s. If you haven't set your reminder yet, pre-orders open up at 12:01 AM PT (3:01 AM ET) September 12th.