Xbox One's upcoming overhaul has an opt-in beta

That new Windows 10 Xbox One update sounds pretty great, right? Well, how it works is a little different than folks in the console's Dashboard Preview Program are used to. Previous updates were pushed out automatically and you had no choice over installing them, but here you can choose as to whether or not jump into this massive overhaul. Xbox spokesperson Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb says that Preview members will get a message in their system's inbox and you'll need to register and opt-in from there. But if you're not quite sure about being even more of a guinea pig that's totally okay: You can choose to not participate in the double preview and still get the regular dashboard updates ahead of the general public.

Hryb also says that you can expect more builds of the Win10 dash to hit as kinks are worked out ahead of the full launch. Invites for this beta will go out in waves, and Hyrb says to be patient if you don't see one pop up just yet. Until then? Maybe grind through some more Destiny ahead of "The Taken King" arriving next week.