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Uber and Lyft officially allowed to operate in Nevada

Uber and Lyft officially allowed to operate in Nevada
Mariella Moon
Mariella Moon|@mariella_moon|September 14, 2015 11:54 PM

Nevada's Transportation Authority has granted both Uber and Lyft permits to operate in the state, a few days after approving new rules for ride-hailing services. Those include having to pay administrative fees and to stick decals onto cars that are part of the companies' fleets. That doesn't mean you can hail a ride from either app right now, though: neither company has a firm launch date yet. They still have to deal with Clark County officials who refuse to let the companies run their business until they have the proper license. Problem is, the county doesn't even have a licensing category for ride-sharing/hailing services yet.

Clark County plans to start working on a legal framework today, but it could take several weeks to complete the process. That said, both companies hope to begin offering rides in Nevada soon -- a Lyft spokesperson even told Tri-City Herald that they are legally required to deploy cars in the state by October 15th.

Uber was already available in Nevada last year, but it got suspended after being slapped with a preliminary injunction due to security and insurance concerns. In order to get approval from authorities to operate an unlimited fleet for $500,000, it had to promise to address four minor issues. Lyft was allowed to deploy 2,500 cars for $150,000 if it fixes the Department of Insurance's concerns about its insurance policy and alter the language for part of its terms of service.

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Uber and Lyft officially allowed to operate in Nevada