Google OnHub teardown reveals a curious, complicated WiFi router

If you think Google's OnHub router looks like a strange machine on the outside, wait until you get a look at the inside. DIY repair outfit iFixit has torn down Google's first WiFi access point (technically TP-Link's), and it contains some components you definitely aren't going to find anywhere else. The OnHub's signature, congestion-fighting antenna looks more like a set of crosshairs than any kind of networking gear, and there's another diamond-like antenna for focusing signals in specific directions. You'll also find wires that dangle like "tentacles," and a heat sink that pulls warmth through the circuit board.

Not surprisingly, this one-of-a-kind design isn't exactly easy to take apart -- even iFixit faced a challenge navigating its complicated structure. Also, you could be looking at a costly (or at least tricky) fix if you break an antenna connector or a port. While you aren't that likely to deconstruct your router in the first place, the teardown shows that clever design comes at a cost.